Islamabad Anti-Terror Court Grants Bail to Imran Khan in 8 Judicial Complex Violence Cases

Islamabad Anti-Terror Court Grants Bail to Imran Khan in 8 Judicial Complex Violence Cases

Imran Khan claimed his life is at risk while mentioning that there was an alleged assassination attempt on him at the judicial complex. (Image: Reuters)

Judge reprimands prosecutor for failing to question Imran Khan during custody and granted the latter bail in Islamabad Judicial Complex violence cases until June 8.

An anti-terrorism court in Islamabad on Tuesday granted former Pakistan prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan bail in eight cases pertaining to the violence at the Islamabad Judicial Complex, news agency Dawn reported.

The anti-terrorism court approved the bail till June 8. He is also expected to appear in front of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in Islamabad in relation to the Al-Qadir Trust case, where he is being accused of whitewashing ill-gotten money.

During the hearing, the prosecutor earned the ire of the judge for not being able to question Imran Khan when he was in custody of law enforcement agencies.

The judge sought to enquire about the progress made by the government appointed Joint Investigation Team (JIT) and asked the prosecutor to fill him in but the prosecutor said Imran Khan did not appear before the investigating officer despite being ordered to do so by the Islamabad High Court or the JIT.

The judge then told the prosecutor that they were directed to go to Imran and not the other way around. “Did you not see that you were given the directive to go to Imran?

The judge also questioned the prosecutor regarding the preferred method for Imran to participate in the investigation. The prosecutor said he wanted the former prime minister to comply by appearing when summoned.

The judge questioned why the PTI chief was not questioned during his period of police custody at the Police Lines office to which the prosecutor replied by saying that the cricketer-turned-politician was in the custody of the NAB.

“Custody is custody. What does this even mean?”.

Imran Khan told the judge that his life is at risk the moment he leaves his residence and told him that someone tried to assassinate him at the judicial complex.

“Every time I step out of my home, I put my life at risk. The interior minister has acknowledged the danger to my life, and I believe there is a threat,” Imran Khan said. The PTI chief also said that he and his legal team complied with the JIT.

The judge then lashed out at the JIT for not being present in the courtroom. “This shows their lack of seriousness. If they were serious, they would have been present here. At least someone from the JIT should have been present,” Judge Abbas was quoted as saying by the Dawn.

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