PM Gets Rousing Welcome in Sydney, Lays Down 3Cs, 3Ds & 3Es Connect Between India, Australia

PM Gets Rousing Welcome in Sydney, Lays Down 3Cs, 3Ds & 3Es Connect Between India, Australia

The Prime Minister arrived in Sydney on Monday for the third and final leg of his three-nation tour. (Photo: PTI)

The PM addressed a community event at packed Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena, which was attended by over 21,000 people from across Australia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday pointed out that India’s relationship with Australia has gone far beyond 3 Cs, 3Ds and 3Es and the basis of this bond is mutual trust and mutual respect.

Amid a thundering applause from an enthusiastic audience of over 21,000, the PM addressed a community event at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena.

He said earlier 3Cs- Commonwealth, Cricket and Curry- were used to define relations between India and Australia, then it was 3Ds (Democracy, Diaspora and Dosti) and finally 3Es (Energy, Economy and Education). The truth is that the actual depth of the relation between India and Australia transcends these C, D, E,” Modi said.

The PM went on to ask the crowd what is the basis of this relationship. The crowd responded with “Modi Modi” chants. To which, PM Modi said, “Ji nahin, mutual trust and mutual respect are the strongest and biggest foundations of India-Australia relations. The real reason behind this is the Indian diaspora.”

The Prime Minister, who arrived in Sydney on Monday for the third and final leg of his three-nation tour, also tried to strike a chord with the Indian diaspora and Australians and gave examples of yoga, cricket, films and the cooking show ‘Masterchef’ highlighting the strengthening bond between the two countries.

“No matter how different lifestyles are in both countries. Yoga connects us! Cricket is something which has kept us connected for ages…and now tennis and movies are other connecting bridges. The more interesting the competition on the cricket field, the deeper our friendship off the field,” he said.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, some ministers and local officials among others were also present. Before the PM’s speech, Modi and Albanese were welcomed with Vedic chants and a traditional Australian aboriginal ceremony at the venue.

PM Modi also announced that India will open a consulate in Brisbane to fulfill the long-pending demand by the diaspora.

Underling that the IMF considers India the bright spot of the global economy, Modi said according to the World Bank, if there’s any country which is withstanding global headwinds, it’s India.

PM Modi said India has made record exports even in the most challenging times. “India does not lack capability, India does not lack resources either. Today, the country which has the world’s biggest and youngest talent factory is…India.”

Albanese said that his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi gets a “rock star reception” wherever he goes, as he welcomed his “dear friend” at the event and compared him to American singer Bruce Springsteen.

Albanese pitched for greater cooperation between India and Australia as he welcomed Modi to a roaring 21,000-strong crowd at the Qudos Bank Arena, one of the city’s biggest indoor stadiums.

He gave Modi a bear hug when the Indian prime minister arrived at the venue to address the audience before introducing him as someone who “gets a rock star reception wherever he goes”.

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